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Roller shutters - Technical details

The track profiles are set onto the frame and are produced in two parts to limit the transmission of temperatures. They are made up of a U-shaped profile needed for the tracking of the blade in which a PVC profile is slipped into to be used as a finishing and airtight and watertight profile.


The drive pulley (159mm in diameter) moves on 2 universal support bearings to enable a perfect rolling movement and without stress on the plate.


The Flema fire door is operated by a powerful motor (three-phase/380 volts) in connection with dependable worm gear drives. In the case of fire, an additional 24V motor, powered by a low-voltage emergency supply facility, ensures that the door closes properly.


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Given the very simple design, this roller shutter carries many advantages :


A patented system
Synthetic matter: rustproof
Mass tinted
Close to a traditional shutter
Easy to install
Very light mechanism and plat
Air and water tightness
Reduced obstruction
Motorisation MFZ of new generation
Approved by the food processing and medical industries


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Roller shutters - Technical details