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Electrical motorisation Hydraulic motorisation

Electrical motorisation


This motorisation was envisaged for a sectional door with a springs system.


- Motor : Under normal conditions, the Flema fire door is operated by a powerful motors (three-phase/380volts) in connection with dependable worm gear drives. In the case of fire, an additional 24V motor, powered by a low-voltage emergency supply facility, ensures that the door closes properly.


- The gate control and the motor form a single unit and have been approved together with the door system.


- The ASO card : allows to automate the door and to control the security


- The safety devices

Moteur pour porte sectionnel PS60

Motor for sectional door PS60

type : FTA 1-10-24 KU


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Boîtier de contrôle

Control box (REF -> 4595)

Control FS 400


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Operating instructions FS 345

Control FS 345


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Cellules de sécurité

Safety devices FS 345


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Hydraulic motorisation


This motorisation have been developed to operate doors up to 800 kg, without springs. The Fail Safe system guarantee the closing of the door, even in case of breakdown of the control box.

The hydraulic system is the ideal solution for bigger doors and for intensive use.


- Hydraulic power station: group of motor/pump/electro valve allowing to actuate the jack during the opening and the closing of the door.


- Hydraulic jack: jack of stroke compared to the height of the door. Works in traction during the opening of the door.


- The control box allows to actuate the door and is equipped with a security battery in case of electricity rupture.


- Safety devices

Groupe hydraulique

Hydraulic group (REF -> 4595)

- Three-phase motor 1.1 kw 4P 1450 RPM

- Hydraulic pump 3.2cc/t so 4.5l/min working at 130 Bar of pressure (the pressure can be increased up to 180 Bar)

- Electrovanne 24 VDC (NO)


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Control box

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Vérin hydraulique

Hydraulic jack (REF -> 4595)

Cylindre D60/50

- Permet une force de traction de 16000N sous 130 Bar de pression

- Equipped with 4 mural mounting feet for the installation


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Cellules de sécurité

Safety devices


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